A Glimpse Beyond

by Hell:on

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This is our half of "A Glimpse Beyond" split EP with PRIPJAT by The Crawling Chaos Records

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released October 4, 2019

Oleksandr Baev - vocals
Oleksandr Sitalo - bass
Oleg Talanov - drums
Anton Vorozhtsov - guitars
Oleksiy Pasko - guitars

Flamenco guitar in “Spreading Chaos” by Anton Vorozhtsov
Backing vocals by Evgen Zoidze-Mishchenko

Music by HELL:ON
Lyrics by Oleksandr Baev and Ann Karmaz

Produced by HELL:ON
Recorded, mixed and mastered at TA Production studio, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine by Anton Vorozhtsov
“Satan” recorded live at Hell Serpent Rising Over Kyiv, MonteRay Live Stage, Kyiv, Ukraine. 02.25.2017

HELL:ON thanks to all our friends, families, fans, promoters, and every single one who helps us to stay strong through all these years! You know who you are and you are metal!
Very special thanks to Crawling Chaos Rec., Pripjat and, of course, our Lord Satan for this full-metal split EP.


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Hell:on Zaporizhia, Ukraine

2005 - "Hellion" (demo)
2006 - "Strong Enough" (Moon records)
2008 - "Re:Born" (CompMusic/EMI)
2010 - "In the Shadow of Emptiness" (digital EP)
2011 - "Strong Enough" (re-released by Nocturnus records)
2011 - "Re:Born" (re-released by MetalScrap records)
2012 - "Age Of Oblivion" (MetalScrap records)
2013 - "Hunt" (Ferrrum.com)
2015 - "Decade of Hell" (digital compilation)
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Track Name: Spreading Chaos
The sky has fallen
Your sun is painted black
New gods are calling
This world begins to crack
You’ve been detracted
From all that they called ‘world’
New gods rejected
All that has been foretold

You prayed for nothing
Your teaching turned out wrong
Rhyton of chaos
Poisons idols’ song
Your frozen eyes
Reflect this country’s fire
The prophecy you’ve told
Dissolved the veil of maya

Spreading Chaos
Spreading new disease
This quest for heaven leads
Into abyss

Your dreams of heaven
Your dreams of lower world
Became obsession
Revealed the one who crawls
These frenzy visions
Denied our time and space
Destroyed the order
Distorted vicious grace

Spreading Chaos
Spreading new disease
This quest for heaven leads
Into abyss
Track Name: Ashes Of The Gods
Your face’s
So full of scars
Deep shadows in your eyes
Absorb old stars

You know
It’s time to leave the throne
The bloody gold of yours
Is turned to stone
You died
The moment you felt fear
All you left the men is
To sneer

Time to give way
To new heirs
All that you’ve created
Turnes to clay

Ruled the world
As if there’s no time
No turning old
The force
You’ve ever lacked
Was given you by men
By men it’s taken back

Time to give way
To new heirs
All that you’ve created
Turnes to clay
Track Name: B.S.B.
Signs of revelation
That is
All that you can ever see
And religious cancer
Will never
Set you free

Try this
Self purification
It is being
Infectious. You just simply try
Of the generations
Will keep your
Torched soul alive

My soul is black
My face is torched
My faith is spoiled
Corrupted with lies

Your soul is black
Your face is torched
Your faith is spoiled
Corrupted with lies

Your eyes are blind
Your sole is frozen
You will not die
You'll suffer your decay
Track Name: Satan (live)
Carve in the name
Let ruins be your final shelter
Listen to your pain
Feeling pain your disdain
Eat His flesh drink His blood – your God Search for the signs of your fate
The light of dying star is still the light
Listen to the screams of an unbegotten child
You've been searching alone for this name
Through thousands lives you've been living
And each time you thought you found the final door You've been put to death in oblivion
You've almost touched
The hand of God to ask His name
But looking in His face
You just forgot the words to say
You're obsessed with the name of God Forgot when you have slept
Light of the day and darkness of the night Conceal the letters that you strive to find*
Call the name of eternity.
*lyrics of 2nd and 3rd verses were totally messed during the show so please don’t be confused :)

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